Minkie – love or leave it??

What do you think of sewing with minkie?  I have mixed feelings.  I’ve made several things using it and I discovered that you DO NOT want to make a quilt with it as backing.  It’s so stretchy you might lose your mind trying to sew on it.

I finally found a tutorial on the internet with some great tips on how to sew using minkie, you can find it at this link: http://www.thediydish.com/2011/06/5-tips-for-sewing-with-minky-free-project-new-studio/

I use a walking foot for almost all projects that have bulky fabric weights but it’s a must when sewing minkie.  I also use a stretch needle and stretch stitch on my machine.

I recently made a baby blanket for a friend using minkie on both sides.  I also embroidered the baby’s name on the blanket using a heavy water activated stablizer.  It was a little difficult removing the stablizer but once you rinse the sticky out it’s fine.

I did an embroidery test on a small piece of minkie and I was able to make it into a taglet for the baby.  I used a plastic grocery sack inside the taglet so that it makes that crinkley noise.

I also made two diaper changing pads using PUL from from Joann’s with flannel backing.

I think it’s a really cute baby gift for friends!


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